Published November 14, 2013 by 1msh

The holidays are throwing off my Tysabri schedule this year. I’m going to be about a week late for my next infusion. I hope that’s ok.
Thanksgiving!! I realize this “drug” cannot be measured by steady states. Overall, I am happy with the infusion. My balance is still pretty poor but I am continuing to work on it. PT is a positive in my life. Exercise or training is great, sometimes I have to be thankful for MS and what I have gained in my life. My diet has improved and I am more aware of what my children and I eat and how it affects our body.


3 comments on “Holidays

  • How long have you been on Tysabri? I skipped 4 weeks once and I was OK, they say it won’t HORRIBLY effect you (rebound) for like 4 months or something like that, I forget so don’t quote me.

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